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Nearly 11,000 Sign Petition Demanding MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews for “Shilling for Hillary Clinton”

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MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews has never hidden the fact that he’s all in for Hillary Clinton. But now his unwavering support for the former secretary of state has enraged the far left enough for them to start a petition demanding that MSNBC suspend the anchor for “his constant shilling” for her.

The petition, started by the far-left MoveOn.org, wants Matthews removed from the air for the duration of the 2016 presidential campaign or be required to give its favored candidate Bernie Sanders equal time:

MSNBC should suspend Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, because of his constant shilling for Hillary Clinton. In every episode of Hardball, in every “exclusive” interview with Clinton, he gives her endless time to make her case, repeats her talking points, gives her softball questions, denigrates Bernie Sanders and his people powered movement and reinforces the narrative that she will be the Democratic nominee. Matthews should be removed from the air for the duration of the campaign or he should be required to give Bernie equal time.

Matthews has bent over backwards for Clinton during the campaign, asking her softball questions, as the petition states, and largely avoiding talking about her scandals unless it was to excoriate conservatives and Republicans for having the gall to pursue the truth about them.

MSNBC hasn’t commented on the petition and is unlikely to—given Matthews star status at the network—plus the fact that they have given him tacit approval to support Hillary by not reining him in earlier.

The full petition can be found here [2].