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lisa myersNBC senior investigative reporter Lisa Myers appeared on Morning Joe today and tried to give President Obama some cover for the Associated Press scandal that is embroiling his administration. She told Joe Scarborough that it was unlikely that Obama would have authorized such an investigation because it has turned an important ally—the press—against him.

Scarborough asked Myers whether or not Attorney General Eric Holder has admitted that he was aware of the investigation:

No, he’s not said that specifically, but…. Look at this from a political standpoint: You had Benghazi, which the right was up in arms about. Then comes the IRS, which offended the right, the middle, and even some Democrats, and some members of the press. But when they did this, they turned one of the President’s most important constituencies, the press and the left, against him. So politically, it’s hard to imagine. This is a very calculating White House. It’s hard to imagine that they would have green-lighted this kind of thing. I think it’s more likely that this was something handled within the Justice Department, and that if the White House was notified, it was after the fact, and not before the action was taken.

Nice try Lisa. But just because the press and the left are joined at the hip with Obama, that doesn’t exclude him, or anyone else in his administration, from running roughshod over their privacy rights to make sure nothing gets in the way of his imperial presidency.

I can’t say that I have much sympathy with the press’s outrage, considering how hard they worked to protect Obama during the last election.

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