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Hillary Clinton’s book tour last year was an unmitigated disaster and showed her weaknesses as a potential presidential candidate, opening the door for Jeb Bush and prospectively Mitt Romney to enter the race.

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd admitted as much during his appearance on Morning Joe on Wednesday:

If Hillary Clinton were an intimidating candidate, I don’t know if both Bush and Romney would be risking it.

Before her book tour, Hillary looked like the invincible candidate who could probably beat any Republican challenger in 2016. But after a series of missteps, she is now a weakened and vulnerable candidate who has many Democrats worried, and has led to the constant speculation that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be a better alternative.

With nearly 22 months to go before the election, it’s still early to speculate about the probable outcome, but there is no doubt that a weakened Hillary has given the GOP more hope that they can retake the White House.

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