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Appearing on Morning Joe on Thursday, NBC News’ chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd gave the Republican Party credit for the diversity of the speakers who had addressed the convention to date.

Todd and Scarborough briefly discussed what had happened to Southern Republicans who were largely missing from the speaking slots at the convention despite the GOP’s success in the Deep South.


That led to Todd’s diversity comment:

By the way, Democrats wish they had the diversity of speakers and deep bench to show America. When you think about the Democrats finding, they wanted a keynote speaker that was Hispanic and they had to dig inside a red state to find a Hispanic mayor.

Todd compared that to the number of Hispanic elected officials like New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Texas GOP Senate candidate Ted Cruz, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, that the Republicans have to draw on. This helps them deal with  the charge that the party is mostly made up of white Southerners, explained Todd, reiterating that Democrats wish they had such diversity.

Those comments were heresy to liberals and Democrats who called them absurd and stupid, mainly because Todd revealed their dirty little secret—the Democrats have a dearth of diversity in the rising star department, which doesn’t bode  well for them in the future.

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