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Commenting on the struggles of the Hillary Clinton campaign, NBC’s Chuck Todd said the Democrats aren’t really dissatisfied with her, but they are “uninspired” by her candidacy.

Todd made his comments on the Today show where he was discussing the possibility that Vice President Joe Biden and former veep  Al Gore are both considering entering the race, as Hillary’s poll number continue dropping:

Guthrie: All of this unrest, all of this chatter points to two things. Number one, are Democratic voters dissatisfied with the Hillary Clinton candidacy so far, and secondly, do top Democrats, potential candidates, smell weakness, see problems in that candidacy?

Todd: I think there’s a whole bunch of people that have not signed on—to answer your second question first—that have not signed on to the Clinton campaign, that do see weakness, that…are concerned, that think she could be a general election liability.

But I don’t think the Democratic Party rank-and-file is dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton. I think the better way to call it is they’re uninspired by her. You talk to people that are saying they’re for Sanders, and they’ll tell you, Savannah, I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton if she’s the nominee, but they’re not so in love with her that they want to go and caucus for her, that they want to put a bumper sticker on their car or a yard sign in their yard. That’s sort of the disconnect right now, and that’s something Hillary Clinton has to deal with when she comes out to Iowa today.

If Clinton wins the nomination she will have to overcome the “enthusiasm gap” in order to win the presidency, and that will be a tall order for the often aloof and insular candidate.


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