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hillary clinton at UN

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd discussed the Hillary Clinton email scandal on the Today show. He told co-host Willie Geist that Bill Clinton is annoyed that more party surrogates aren’t rushing to defend Hillary from the email scandal that has sent her poll numbers downward and threatens the viability of her presidential campaign:

GEIST: The campaign and the surrogates have taken to point out that they say this is a media-driven story, a partisan story from Republicans in Congress who want to do damage to her to prevent her from becoming president. Do you see evidence now though inside the campaign that they view this as a real problem?

TODD: No, they do now. I think what they view is they have a perception problem among other Democrats, Democratic elites, members of Congress who want to help them, they don’t know how to. They feel as if the campaign isn’t giving them the explanations that they need. And so there has definitely been some internal friction, some of it led by former President Clinton, who is just annoyed that there aren’t more surrogates out there defending Hillary Clinton on this.

So, I think you’re going to see a little bit of an attempt by the campaign to appease nervous Democrats

The lack of support from the surrogates, however, isn’t the fault of the surrogates. It’s the Clinton campaign, which has mismanaged the scandal from the start resulting in devastatingly low trustworthiness numbers, that should take the blame.

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