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Photo by CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies
Photo by CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies

NBC Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell reported on the Nightly News Tuesday that the surging candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) may lead to a “nightmare scenario” for Hillary Clinton:

With 13 days to go, it’s Hillary Clinton’s nightmare scenario—the possibility that Bernie Sanders’ youth brigade could topple her in Iowa. It is competitive. In Iowa, they have nearly the same number of paid staff. He has spent more on TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, and has spent more time in Iowa, 51 days to her 39.

The Sanders surge has the Clinton campaign worried enough to send out an email that told supporters, “there’s a real possibility we could lose both contests,” something that would have been unthinkable a few months ago.

Sanders has been buoyed by the latest Des Moines Register polls that have him trailing Clinton by just two percentage points, making the race a dead heat in a crucial state for both candidates, but even more so for Hillary, who trails Sanders by 27 points in New Hampshire according to a new CNN/WMUR poll.

The news must have been hard for Mitchell to report since she has largely given Clinton a pass on her various misdeeds. Maybe now, however, she realizes that Hillary isn’t the inevitable candidate that the media and the Democratic establishment thought she was.

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