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NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell said that Hillary Clinton has a real trustworthiness problem, and that she is struggling to figure out how to get rid of Bernie Sanders, who has beaten her in seven of the last eight Democratic primaries and caucuses.

Mitchell made her comments during an appearance on the Today show in response to co-host Matt Lauer’s question about how the Clinton campaign is feeling after losing Wisconsin to Sanders on Tuesday:

Mitchell: You should not be feeling as good as they are probably feeling because he is just hammering away at her trustworthiness. If you look at those exit polls, she has got a real problem going forward. She is going to be a bruised nominee. And she has to figure out how to get rid of Sanders, and now she can’t. He has the money. He has the will, and he has the belief in himself now, and he is not going to let up. And this is becoming a really nasty campaign. It is a battle for New York. If she wins big in New York maybe he rethinks it, but he now believes that he can persuade the superdelegates and even the pledged delegates that she is so damaged that she should not be the frontrunner.

Clinton has dismissed polls that show voters have a low opinion of her when it comes to the issues of honesty and trustworthiness, but she can’t ignore the fact that Sanders has been a more formidable candidate than she or anyone else thought he would be. As long as he remains in the race, she will be forced to deal with his accusations.

Sanders clearly has the momentum, but because of the Democrats’ use of superdelegates, who are almost all in Clinton’s camp, it will be virtually impossible for Sanders to win the nomination, unless he beats her in New York. That would be a disaster for her and may be the opening he needs to snatch the nomination away.





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