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CNN, which is fighting with NBC-owned MSNBC for second place in the cable television news ratings, lost one battle this week to their rival when it was announced that NBC News will replace CNN on the radio airwaves starting next month.

NBC News will be expanding its relationship with distributor Dial Global by providing news updates at the top and bottom of each hour, 24/7, which is an increase from the previous hourly updates for just 18 hours a day. This will match what CNN provided Dial Global in the past.

This is a victory for NBC News which now gets to extend its brand to more radio listeners. The broadcasts will include content contributions from some of NBC’s biggest names, such as Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams.

The stations carrying the broadcasts will also be allowed to simulcast breaking news from both NBC News and MSNBC, giving listeners a broader range of news and capitalizing on NBC News’ affiliates across the country.

CNN announced that, with the switch, they will end CNN radio production as of April 1, though they will maintain a small staff to create original audio content for CNN Newsource, CNN Wire and as well as for their international operations.

The net result will be little more than a change from one brand of liberalism to another. But depending on how much content is drawn from MSNBC, one could argue that the radio airwaves just tilted a little more to the left.

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