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As President Donald Trump returned to the White House after a hospital stay to receive treatment for COVID-19, his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, took part in a town hall on NBC.

The town hall, hosted by Lester Holt, spoke to undecided voters in Miami.

But Politico’s Mark Caputo cast doubt on whether the voters questioning Biden were really undecided.

“NBC’s town hall with Joe Biden & ‘undecided voters’ in Miami didn’t seem to have undecided voters. Nor was it much of a Miami town hall, which would have way more yelling & pointed questions. It was a TV show that doubled as a Biden infomercial. Can’t blame him for doing it,” Caputo tweeted.

McClatchy political correspondent David Catanese was underwhelmed by the questions being asked of Biden.

“The townhall questions for Biden are pretty underwhelming thus far,”  he tweeted.

The questions ranged from Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis to what he would do as president to help the tourism industry, which has been battered by the pandemic. There were no questions about packing the courts, raising taxes on the wealthy, or China, which would have been much harder for Biden.

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