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NBC is holding firm to its decision to not apologize for airing a segment about breast implants on The Today Show on September 11, instead of observing a moment of silence as even its own cable network, MSNBC, did.

Instead, NBC News president Steve Capus sent a note to NBC affiliates apologizing to them for putting them through a storm of public criticism.

According to The New York Times, Capus sent a memo to the NBC Affiliate Corporation Group executives, telling them, “Yesterday, we made an editorial call resulting in the Sept. 11 moment of silence not being seen. While we dedicated a substantial amount of airtime to anniversary events, we still touched a nerve with many of your viewers … and for that we apologize.”

That may appease the affiliates to some degree, but Kris Jenner, who was the subject of the interview in question, wasn’t happy at being thrown into the controversy.

According to Radar, a source told them that Jenner had no idea that she was going to be on the air during the moment of silence and that “She has always been such a strong supporter of the troops and now she’s caught in this mess and it’s NBC’s fault, not hers,” adding that she was “furious” about the controversy.

NBC could have fixed the situation by just admitting they made a mistake. Instead, they doubled down by standing by their original decision, only making them look even more insensitive to the public and the families of the survivors of the 9/11 attacks.

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