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This probably won’t come as a shock to conservatives, but National Public Radio admitted on Wednesday that “balance” isn’t the network’s guiding ethic.

The revelation came during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos:

NPR’s guiding ethic is not ‘balance,’ in the sense that you present two sides as equal in their merits. Often factually they are not. Our responsibility is to give listeners and Web readers the correct facts and context. There might still be two opinions on how to interpret the facts, or which ones to give more weight to. NPR’s responsibility is to allow listeners to hear those opinions, especially if they have influence. Wacko or irrelevant opinions can be disregarded. What is wacko is a judgment call.

In other words, listeners aren’t capable of determining for themselves what is correct, so NPR is doing them a favor by deciding for them.

And they wonder why conservatives think they’re liberally biased?

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