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hillary clinton morning joe segment

Hillary Clinton may not look like she’s sweating, but according to National Journal senior political correspondent Ron Fournier she should be, based on the latest Quinnipiac poll:

She is sweating, or at least she should be sweating, You look inside that poll—53 percent of Americans don’t trust her. Now, with that kind of number either you’re not going to get elected, or even if you do get elected, you’re not going to be able to lead.

That’s actually a slight improvement from last month when 54 percent of respondents said they didn’t trust Hillary.

While the distrust factor was predictably high among Republicans at 84 percent, it’s the lack of trust by Independents at 61 percent and women at 47 percent that could derail her presidential bid.

Fournier, who is one of the few members of the liberal media who have been critical of Clinton’s secrecy and lack of transparency, added, “She hasn’t been honest with the American public, so the American public isn’t trusting her right now.”

Nor should they ever.


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