Accuracy in Media

In today’s Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank pokes fun at the Republican congressmen who held a press conference yesterday to announce that they would be introducing a minority bill of rights to demand that they will be treated fairly in the new congress that is being sworn in today.

As Milbank points out, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) told those at the press conference that the language they are using is the exact same language that then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi introduced in 2004, but he omitted the fact that the Republicans ignored her request and managed through various maneuvers to ensure the request would never be seriously considered.

If they thought it was a bad idea when they were in power what made them think it was a good idea all of a sudden now that they are the minority? The Republicans didn’t want to be accused of whining, but considering that this was originally a Democratic proposal that died a quick death when they controlled congress, I don’t see how it can be construed any other way.

The Republican control of congress began with a bang 12 years ago and ended with a whimper, caught up in various scandals and an ever expanding federal budget. The party that was once deemed as more principled and more fiscally responsible wound up looking more like a mirror image of the Democrats they so reviled.

If these Republican congressmen and the party as a whole wants to retake the house in 2008 then they had better stop acting like Democrats, sweep the party clean of any corruption and prove to the public that they are worthy of governing once

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