Accuracy in Media

During the Reagan presidency I have to admit I was not a very big fan of Nancy Reagan.  I fell into the liberal media trap of believing that she exerted a great deal of control over the President and frankly I resented it.  After all he was my president too!

Times have changed and so have I.  What changed my mind was watching Nancy at the various events that preceded the funeral as well as the funeral itself.  Earlier this week the entire nation saw Nancy place her cheek on Reagan’s flag draped casket in California.  Then last night after she was handed the flag from the casket, she gave it a long loving touch and once again placed her cheek on the casket for the last time.  She wept and I wept as I realized how much she loved Ronald Reagan and what a special bond of love they truly shared. I now know that Mrs. Reagan wasn’t controlling him, but doing what any good wife would do in giving advice and counsel to her husband.

Thank you Mrs. Reagan for sharing your husband with us.  He will be sorely missed as evidenced by this weeks events and commentary.  And thanks also for being so elegant and gracious during this time of deep loss for you and your family.

God Bless America!

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