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pelosi embraces obamacare

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi denied that Democrats running for Congress were distancing themselves from Obamacare in an effort to win re-election.

CROWLEY: Since you say that, there are folks who are running campaign ads, Democrats, distancing themselves from this.

PELOSI: There may be a few. Some of them weren’t there to even vote for the bill and some of them who were there didn’t vote for the bill. But that’s the exception. Democrats embrace the Affordable Care Act. We’re very proud of it. Anecdotally, if you hear this, that and the other thing, that’s exactly what it is. The plural of anecdote is really not data. It is a few examples. But there are a couple hundred Democrats in the house who are proceeding in a very positive way.

Pelosi made her remarks while appearing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by Candy Crowley.

Crowley was reacting to numerous media reports that Democrats seeking re-election were running away from Obamacare in the aftermath of the special election loss in Florida last month, where the heavily favored Democrat lost after embracing Obamacare, stunning political observers.

Even though Obamacare surpassed its goal of seven million enrollees by March 31st, questions remain about the viability of the program as the White House has been unable and unwilling to provide any figures to document how many of the enrollees have paid their premiums and had been previously insured, and what the demographic mix is.

If Democrats think all is well now with Obamacare and they want to embrace it, as Pelosi said, then they should go ahead, and see what happens in November. By then, enough people will have had the chance to see what this socialized medicine model has done for them, as premiums rise due to a lack of “young invincibles” balancing out the older and sicker majority in the program.

Any Democrat embracing Obamacare this year will find that it is a risky proposition, despite what Pelosi says.

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