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MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace called President Donald Trump “the enemy” and said she gets “nauseous” when she sees Democratic infighting.

Wallace, who served as communications director under President George W. Bush and now anchors Deadline: White House on MSNBC spoke out during the network’s coverage of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday.

She made her comments in response to guests MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson and Nina Turner, an adviser to the Sanders presidential campaign who argued over calling Michael Bloomberg an “oligarch” the billionaire former mayor of New York City who has spent over $300 million on his fledgling presidential campaign in just a few months.

“Can I say something? Jason Johnson is a frequent guest on my show,” Wallace said. “I think this is a really important debate, and I’m really glad you didn’t let it get boiled down to the use of a word. It is not about a word. Here’s the other — and I understand different views about the system.”

“The enemy is the guy in the Oval Office who thinks there are good people on both sides in Charlottesville,” Wallace continued “The enemy is the guy in the Oval Office who got a permission slip to cheat in presidential elections. The enemy is a guy who calls his generals dopes and losers.

“I am nauseous when I see Democrats fight amongst themselves,” she added.


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