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In a segment discussing the challenges that Planned Parenthood is facing with a Republican Congress, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts asked the Politico’s Chris Frates whether or not the organization has a branding problem?

Roberts: But so many people don’t know the details about the care that they actually put out there. Could some type of campaign I guess about their branding help put an end to some of the  distortion to what they they actually do?

Frates: I think so. And I think that is part of what Planned Parenthood’s challenge is. Now because they are one of the most prevalent and well known abortion providers, people make assumptions that abortion services and Planned Parenthood are synonymous.  And very few percent of of what Planned Parenthood does is actually abortions.

Maybe this segment should have been called Extreme Makeover: The Planned Parenthood Edition.


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