Accuracy in Media

MSNBC’s Dylab Ratigan who hosts his own show on the cable network ripped into a Virginia GOP ad and claimed that the heavy snowfall in the DC area is the result of global warming.

Ratigan must have received his climatology degree from the Al Gore school of non-scientists who think they know something about global warming and want to scare the world.

Ratigan and other global warming alarmists have been reeling in recent months from the release of e-mails in the U.K. that show scientits questioning global warming data to the U.N.’s own IPCC fudging glacier melting reports.  And now they have to explain why if the earth is warming is the east coast under assualt from record snowfalls. 

Right now it looks more the coming of another Ice Age as the media claimed thirty years ago rather than the destruction of the planet from increasing temperatures. 

Frankly right now I could use some global warming to get rid of the snow off my driveway.  It would be a lot easier than shoveling.


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