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hillary clinton cnn interview with keilar

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s struggles to replicate the enthusiasm the liberal media showed President Obama during his two campaigns was evident last night as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell  questioned whether or not Hillary’s campaign speeches will be “just too boring” for voters to stomach.

O’Donnell: Charlie Cook, does she run the risk of having those speeches being just too boring? I mean she went on for 45 minutes today and most of it was a drone. And when you’re running against somebody like Bernie Sanders, who’s so colorful and so extemporaneous, and he’s so blunt. At some point might she want to shave that 45-minute speech down to a 15-minute speech?

Cook agreed, saying that no one is going to watch a 45-minute speech by any politician—which is largely true, and why most political speeches tend to be in the 15-20 minute range.

The speech O’Donnell was referring to was Clinton’s economic policy speech yesterday in which she sounded a populist tone to try and woo supporters of fellow Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. He is attracting large crowds wherever he goes, and is proving to be a nuisance to the Clinton campaign.

O’Donnell and his liberal colleagues will undoubtedly support Clinton should she become the Democratic nominee. But most likely they won’t be as much in the tank for her as they were for Obama, and that could prove to be an obstacle in her quest for the White House.

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