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MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel ripped into left-wing protesters on Monday after playing video of antifa members violently attacking an “alt-righter” in Berkeley over the weekend.

Joe Scarborough said these tactics are an “ongoing problem,” especially at Berkeley, where “members of the far-left are using violence” to shut down free speech as well as demonstrators.

New York Times reporter Nick Confessore said he found the footage of the beating “revolting” and Axios’ Jonathan Swan said he resented the branding of antifa as anti-fascists when their behavior is in fact fascist.

Scarborough then lit into Berkeley and its response to last weekend’s rally and to Milo Yiannpoulos’ planned appearance earlier this year.

“Who is running Berkeley, and why can’t they protect free speech? What’s your problem in Berkeley? Why can’t you protect free speech? If you need me to help you out, we can get some people that will actually protect the First Amendment … This sort of thuggery going on in your streets on your college campuses is an absolute disgrace.”

Confessore said that people who don’t agree with Ann Coulter or Milo would be better off not attending their events to show that they support free speech.

Scarborough added that the leftists’ violent behavior helps only the extremists.

Swan then said he wondered what would happen to these “mentally-stunted snowflakes” once they left college.

“Who wants to hire a child who is so offended by all of these things they’re going to encounter? Guess what? When they show up at work, they’re going to hear some Republican-leaning views,” Swan said.

That’s the reality and one that these “snowflakes” will be ill prepared to handle.

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