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On Tuesday, a panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe blasted the media for its overt anti-Trump bias on Twitter, with co-host Joe Scarborough calling their “end zone dancing” irresponsible.

Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei said that while he has always been a defender of the media and thought that accusations of media bias were overdone, that’s out the door in this campaign.

“I think reporters have become so biased, so partisan, particularly on Twitter,” VandeHei said. “Go look at the Twitter feeds of the reporters from your major newspapers—The New York Times, The Washington Post, others and tell me if those are things that they would say on TV or that would ever have been acceptable in previous campaigns.”

Scarborough turned to Willie Geist and said that when he reads The New York Times he doesn’t want to have opinions in the lede or see reporters doing an “end zone dance.”

Geist replied that at some point during the presidential race, a decision was made by many members of the media that Trump had to be stopped no matter what.

VandeHei chimed back in saying that the reporters aren’t saying things in their tweets that we didn’t already know, and thatThey are not helping it by doing not just an end-zone dance but their little shimmy, and they all slap each other on the back [saying], ‘Ha ha, you’re even wittier than I was.’”

Mike Barnicle—a card carrying member of the liberal media—said that he was surprised that in age where maybe 99% of the people in this country think the media tilts left and is biased, that more editors, and publishers, don’t tell reporters to stay off Twitter because “all you do on Twitter is get yourself in trouble and raise these questions.”

Geist added that he thought the media should be “tough as hell” on both Clinton and Trump, but be fair about it.

“I think objectivity is a totally false premise–people are humans; they come with their biases but your job is to just cover the race fairly,” Geist said. “I don’t want to hear what you think about it on Twitter, if you’re a reporter. [if you’re in the] Opinion business, go for it.”

Scarborough said that when reporters “overshoot the runway,” they feed into Trump and his supporters, who believe that the media are biased and are never going to give him a fair shake.

As shocking as it is to hear liberals criticize the liberal media for going overboard on their anti-Trump bias on Twitter, it won’t have any material effect as most members of the media know that in the current environment there are few, if any, repercussions for their behavior.

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