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Appearing on Morning Joe to discuss the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said that her use of a private email server was “very clearly in violation” of State Department rules. He added:

It goes back to the original issue, which is the proper custodial preservation of State Department emails and all of the rules and protocols on that were violated, there’s no question about it. It was very clearly in violation.

Clinton had previously claimed that all her State Department related emails had been turned over to the government, but a House investigative committee recently discovered that she in fact had not.

O”Donnell, who would probably like to see Hillary in the White House over any Republican, was forced to admit that Hillary wasn’t being truthful about the emails, and struggled to explain her behavior during the scandal:

I’m trying to think of some way to explain what she meant when she said she turned over all of the State Department emails and everything else on there was just wedding stuff.

That’s a problem a lot of liberals, both in and out of the media, are having in trying to defend Hillary. It is clear that she has lied from the beginning about turning over her work-related emails, and she has dug herself an even deeper hole with each discovery of emails that weren’t turned over.

It’s still a long time until November 2016, which leaves plenty of time for more lies to surface.


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