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MSNBC, which has jumped full bore onto the anti-Christie bandwagon following the George Washington Bridge flap, added more fuel to the fire when The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell aired an anti-Christie ad that he wrote, and gave viewers pointers on how they could do the same.

lawrence odonnell on chris christieO’Donnell said he wrote the ad while watching Gov. Chris Christie’s press conference on January 9, and that it was easy to do because he was just using Christie’s own words against him.

After airing the ad, O’Donnell ran a few more clips of Christie, telling viewers they could use them to create their own ad.

O’Donnell’s liberalism is well understood, and his anti-Christie sentiments shouldn’t come as a surprise, but airing the ad during his program is crossing a line.

In May of 2012, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends committed a similar act when it produced and aired its own 4-minute campaign ad criticizing President Obama.

The ad was roundly criticized by the mainstream media, as well as by conservatives, resulting in the network issuing a statement saying that it “was created by an associate producer and was not authorized at the senior executive level of the network.” That producer left the network shortly after the incident.

Unlike the mainstream media’s outrage at the Fox News misstep, there has been dead silence about O’Donnell’s act, as they have chosen instead to just keep piling on Christie while protecting one of their own. And what makes O’Donnell’s act far more egregious than what Fox News did, is that he is helping and encouraging others to create similar ads, in a sense assuming the role of a Political Action Committee, or a PAC.

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