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MSNBC’s Krystal Ball ripped Hillary Clinton’s book tour on Tuesday’s The Cycle, calling the former Secretary of State “kind of tone deaf and unrelatable,” and questioning her motives for running for president, as she is widely expected to do in 2016:

What are we to make of the Hillary Clinton book tour, that is so much more than a book tour. The down to the second precision  interactions, perfectly calculated to make sure that visitors don’t feel jilted while maximizing the number of signatures. The planned pop-ups of old friends who just happen to be in the area, the carefully crafted backdrops, not too warehouse-y but not too stiff. And of course the interviews. Now 99 percent of the interview substance has been safe, unremarkable-just like Hillary was hoping. But that other one percent is of course what has gotten all the attention. First there was the lament that she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House and had trouble affording mortgages for their houses. As the presumptive nominee of a party that is deeply animated by issues of inequality and middle class fairness, could this comment have been any more dissonant?

Ball went on to talk about the uncomfortable interview with NPR’s Terry Gross over Clinton’s position on gay marriage, which Clinton badly flubbed by becoming confrontational with a friendly reporter. Ball wondered how this could have happened, since everything with the Clintons is “carefully poll-tested, focused grouped and weather-vaned.”

That led Ball to call Clinton “kind of tone deaf and unrelatable.”

Ball also wasn’t too keen on a prospective Hillary presidential run in 2016, saying that there are no clues in her State Department record, and certainly not in her book Hard Choices. She added that in her 2008 campaign, Hillary showed confidence but no core, and that she ran simply because she wanted to be president.

“Will 2016 be different? It’s possible, but so far I haven’t seen change I can believe in just yet.”

The election is still more than two years away, but if Hillary is already losing the liberal media, that could spell trouble for her presumptive campaign.

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