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MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Chastises Liberals for Not Being Honest About Obamacare [Video]

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MSNBC’s The Cycle co-host Krystal Ball chastised her fellow liberals last week for not being more open and honest about the failures of Obamacare:

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in my left-leaning friends for not being more honest here. Look, we are not propagandists, we’re not like them, we don’t insulate ourselves into our own happy media bubble, impervious to the realities around us. We’re supposed to be the ones who tell it straight even when it’s not convenient.

Since when do liberals “tell it straight?” Ball bristled at The Washington Post’s Matt Miller who told her to “chill out” on the program last Thursday. She said that she couldn’t because while the Republicans have been “lying” about Obamacare, they now have evidence to back up what she calls their “malicious and destructive claims.”

I’m not quite sure how it’s a lie if you have evidence to back up your claims, but I guess that’s how the liberal mind operates.

Ball also answered critics like Salon’s Joan Walsh who think that liberal criticism of the Obamacare website failures are only helping the President’s opponents:

To those who say that [by] pointing out the failings of the website you’re giving comfort to the GOP propagandists, I would say this: We’re not the ones giving comfort to GOP propagandists. The failing website, which is keeping people from signing up for health care, is what has given them comfort.

In one fell swoop, the Obama administration has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of “shutdown” victory. They have sent the liberals into a state of disarray, arguing over what went wrong and whether or not the problems can be fixed before they derail Obama’s second term and the Democrats’ election hopes for 2014.