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During an analysis of the Boston Marathon bombings on Now with Alex Wagner, MSNBC contributor Joy Reid said that President Obama learned from the mistakes of the Bush administration, that you have to “speak early, speak often, speak confidently,” when a crisis of this magnitude happens. She said that you can’t disappear, as Bush did, for the first couple of weeks after 9/11.

“The whole country was waiting for him to come on the television for those first couple of weeks, because you didn’t see the president.”

Reid also praised Obama for being “cautious” and avoiding the American “fetish” for “bellicose language” that she says makes us feel that we’re going to go out and get who did it.

Contrary to what Reid said, Bush did not pull a disappearing act after 9/11.

President Bush addressed the nation at 8:30 that night and then made his way to New York City where he addressed a crowd, as he stood atop the rubble, on September 14.

Not only did Reid totally misrepresent Bush’s reaction to 9/11, but host Alex Wagner helped perpetuate the lie, by not challenging Reid on “facts” that even a liberal like Wagner must have known to be untrue.

But that would have required actually giving Bush some credit, which is taboo at MSNBC.

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