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MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz, who has been a very vocal on-air supporter of Big Labor, is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Wisconsin Democratic state convention, according to the Associated Press.

Schultz will be appearing with other Democrats, including DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. By having Schultz host his show from Wisconsin next week, during the convention, perhaps MSNBC believes that somehow justifies this clear breach of journalistic ethics.

That way, Schultz can make an in-kind donation to his Democratic buddies on MSNBC’s dime and not face the same penalties that Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough did from the network when they donated money to candidates in 2010 without having obtained prior approval.

Even though MSNBC has made little effort to conceal its “progressive” political leanings and its identity as the liberal or left-wing answer to Fox News, it still wants to be seen as a credible news organization. But allowing Schultz to speak at the convention won’t help the network’s reputation in that regard, and it raises more questions about exactly how far MSNBC will go to help the Democrats.

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