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ed show obamacare working

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz did a little Obama administration PR on Wednesday night when he claimed that the government’s problematic website,, is fixed. His advice to the Democrats is to tell people, “It works:”

Now I’ve spoken with a couple of Congressional Democrats in recent days. And they have asked me, you know, what do you think we should be saying right now?  And I’ve said,—‘it works!’ That’s all you have to say, and it’s only going to get better. Prices are going to go down, more people are going to get covered. They should be excited to be going home for the holidays, because you see, it’s been more than two months since Obamacare’s rollout and more people are signing up—more than ever!

The website problems have been fixed and the numbers are starting to show just that.

As usual, Schultz is off the mark.

First of all the website isn’t fixed. The government is admitting to an error rate of 10%, but it’s probably higher, based on the fact that the administration has been fudging the numbers from day one.

Second, the government is counting those who have selected a plan as having enrolled in a plan, even though they haven’t actually sent in a check to purchase insurance. This is akin to counting everyone who has placed products in their Amazon shopping cart, but haven’t paid for them, as having actually made purchases.

Third, 62% of the government’s numbers were in the state-run exchanges, which have been working marginally better, but are still suffering from problems, with 41 states posting sign-ups in the three- or four-figure range. Not exactly a great example of Obamacare working.

Fourth, an estimated four to five million people have had their insurance policies canceled, and are being forced into more expensive and higher deductible plans as a direct result of Obamacare.

One Democrat who isn’t taking Schultz’s advice is Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, who is up for reelection next year. In an ad released yesterday, she distances herself from Obamacare and even blames the President for telling people they can keep their health plan if they want, which proved to be a lie.

If Schultz wants to advise the Democrats that they should be running on Obamacare, then he can be my guest, as it will only ensure that the Republicans will maintain control of the house in 2014, and increase the chances that they will capture the Senate as well.

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