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morning joe on hillary

Even though Hillary Clinton’s book and media tour are over, the fallout from her comments, and revelations about her speaking fees and wealth, continue to dog her.

The latest example was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where the assembled panel discussed a new story in The Washington Post that revealed that the former secretary of state was paid $275,000—more than $3,000 per minute—for a speech and photo op time.

NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said that in his opinion Clinton was charging too much money, and that her advisors clearly weren’t looking to 2016 by charging these fees:

Ex-presidents make money like this, not candidates before they run. It tells me there’s nobody around Hillary that’s actually thinking every single day—what’s good for her to become president of the United States?

Clinton has tried to quell the controversy surrounding her speaking fees—especially to colleges and universities—by saying that she donates her fees to charity. But since that charity is often the Clinton Foundation, it has only made her seem even more tone deaf, as she tries to champion the causes of income inequality and student loan debt.

Hillary could quiet her critics very easily by just announcing that she will donate her fees back to the school—to help students in need—or forego the fee altogether. Instead, she has chosen to defend her fees, to help build the Clinton empire, and in the process she has seriously tarnished her image at a time she needs to burnish it.

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