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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Notes “Hillary’s Shrinking Presence” From Democratic Political Talk [Video]

In all the post-election discussion taking place, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd notes that one thing he is hearing less and less of in Democratic circles is the name “Hillary Clinton.”

Todd said that he finds the “incredible shrinking presence of Hillary Clinton” surprising, considering that the Clintons have “dominated much of the air supply in the Democratic Party for the past 30 years,” and now there is barely any mention of her at all—positive or negative—from Democrats. He added:

“This election wasn’t a wholesale rejection of a candidate like, McGovern, Mondale or Dukakis. But even though she didn’t get wiped out on the electoral map, it seems like the Clintons are being quietly wiped off the map in Democratic politics. But instead of being done in a very public way—sort of an excommunication a la Dukakis or Carter—it’s just quiet. No rallying, no nothing. Just hoping if you don’t say the name, just like Beetlejuice, it just never appears.”

Democrats bet the farm on Hillary Clinton and lost big, so it’s no wonder that they would want to avoid any mention of the candidate who has sent the party into an unexpected—for them—tailspin.