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MSNBC anchor Ari Melber expressed his concerns Friday that House Democrats did not make enough of a case against President Donald Trump during opening arguments during his impeachment trial in the Senate

“As we are now here with a few hours left and always ready to watch how the evidence unfolds, I do not see an overwhelming case and overwhelming evidence by these Democrats to support convicting on obstructing Congress,” Melber said.

“And I’ll tell you why,” Melber continued. “This is important because each of these are independent. Obviously, like any trial, one would be enough, one conviction would be enough – that would potentially remove a president, but on the obstruction of Congress, what the Democrats are arguing is that basically something that began three months before they actually voted to impeach should now be resolved by the removal of the president.”

“And in every other case, including Nixon, we know the rule has been, the president is allowed to fight within the law, is allowed to deny and yes ‘defy’ all the way up and until the Supreme Court, which takes often more than a year,” Melber said. “So, is there enough evidence to support the immediate removal of the president? … I haven’t seen them land that, I don’t see the Democrats having provided enough evidence yet to convict on article two.”


Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon


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