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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Feared Clinton Interview Would Be Cut Short If She Asked Too Many Email Questions [Video]

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MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said Tuesday on Morning Joe that she didn’t get a chance to ask Hillary Clinton all the questions she had about using a private email server while serving as Secretary of State because she was afraid the Democratic presidential frontrunner would cut off the interview:

We were told we had a 15-minute interview. I asked more than 12 minutes on emails before I felt – out of concern that they would cut it off, obviously – that I had to move on so I couldn’t ask everything that I did want to ask, but I did think we did get a good chance to ask a lot of questions and discover that she did not have an answer for why she did the personal server in the first place.

Mitchell speculated as to why Hillary may have decided to use the personal server, saying there were a lot of reasons why she may have done this but reiterated that Clinton has never answered it herself.

Clinton told Mitchell that while using the server may not have been the “best choice,” she didn’t do anything wrong and was sorry that it was “confusing” for voters.

The voters aren’t confused—they are outraged, as evidenced by Hillary’s sagging poll numbers and their lack of trust in her. Those falling numbers have given rise to Sen. Bernie Sanders and his socialist message, and opened the door for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race.