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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said last week during an appearance on “Morning Joe” that although she is an optimist, she had “never been as discouraged” with the country’s leadership as she had been that week after listening to the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville.

Morning Joe co-host asked Mitchell if she thought that the center, led by those that have been critical of Trump’s response will hold.

“I’m an optimist. I have never been as discouraged as I have been this week about our country. Not the people of our country, but the leaders of our country. There is a central corruption of the spirit at the core of all of this.”

Mitchell said people are calling for love but all she saw was “self-love” from the president and that that wasn’t leadership, but she did mention people she thought were showing some leadership and love.

“I don’t know where we go here,” Mitchell said. “I do think that you have Senators Tim Scott, others … Ted Cruz. Who would have thought that Ted Cruz would be more compassionate, loving and show more character this week than the president of the United States?  It’s just totally confounding.”

Mitchell then brought up when Hugh Scott and Barry Goldwater visited Richard Nixon and warned him that he faced certain removal from office because of the Watergate scandal, leading Nixon to resign the next day.

“I’m waiting to see what House leaders do, but someone has to go, and, thinking back, someone has to be the Hugh Scott and Barry Goldwater who go to the White House and say, ‘This cannot continue. You have got to get this into shape,'” Mitchell said. “And I don’t know when that happens and who those people are, and whether he will listen.”

That’s what Mitchell and the rest of her liberal media colleagues want—a Trump resignation since they have failed in their efforts to date to remove him from office by other means.


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