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mitchelllOn Wednesday, during an interview with Republican strategist Juleanna Glover, who described herself as “deeply pro-life,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interrupted her to suggest that “anti-abortion” would be a better term since it was more “value neutral:”

Mitchell:  Some veteran Republican politicians and strategists believe that the Republican Party needs to rethink its position on women’s reproductive issues after losing the women’s vote once again in the presidential race, and losing at least two Senate races after ill-tempered comments by Republican men.

Mitchell then introduced Juleanna Glover, a longtime Republican strategist, to discuss how and why the GOP should soften its stance on contraception:

Mitchell: Let’s just establish that you have been very strongly your whole career…

Glover: I am deeply pro-life.

Mitchell: Well I would call, anti-abortion.

Glover: Yes.

Mitchell: To use the term that I think is more value neutral.

This wasn’t about being “value neutral,“ whatever that means, but an overt attempt by Mitchell to recast Glover from the more positive sounding and accurate pro-life label, which she had used to describe herself, to the less  positive sounding “anti-abortion” label, to help sway her viewers.

Mitchell needs to explain what the term “value neutral” means and why she felt compelled to correct her guest, if it wasn’t just another example of her liberal bias shining through.

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