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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign produced a new television ad that attacks Republicans, claiming that they are using the issue of Benghazi for political gain and to destroy Clinton’s candidacy. But they failed to get permission from NBC News to use a clip of Andrea Mitchell in the ad, the MSNBC anchor said Tuesday on her program:

I just want to point out that they have used a little bit of my voice. They’ve used a little bit of Savannah Guthrie. NBC News in no way authorized them to use any of our material, and we had no idea this was coming.

This isn’t the first time a politician has used a clip featuring someone from the liberal media in their campaign ads. But it is unusual when that journalist complains about it when, as in this case, the offender is a fellow liberal. This could be a sign that the media’s support for Clinton is much weaker than it was for Barack Obama when they helped propel him to the presidency in 2008 and again in 2012, and could prove to be problematic in her quest for the presidency.

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