Accuracy in Media

Democratic strategist David Goodfriend used his Daily Rant time on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan program to compare the movie “The Hunger Games” to the fight over Obamacare.

Goodfriend said that the movie was a commentary on our own country in which the people in the capital district are “wealthy, pampered , living a life of luxury,” while the people in the outlying districts are “poor, starving, destitute, living in primitive conditions.” “It’s the 99% versus the 1%,” Goodfriend declares.

He then shifted to the arguments that were being heard in the Supreme Court this week:

Goodfriend: Should the destitute and poor in our country, like the ones in Suzanne Collins mythical dystopia, suffer and die because they cannot afford health insurance? Or should we as a nation act to ensure that everyone has affordable health care, and therefore longer healthier lives? Should we tolerate a country where children die because the people in power perpetuate a system which excludes them? Where insurance companies can deny coverage to a child with a preexisting condition? Or do we set up rules for the road where we all buy insurance and everyone has a chance at life and costs are shared in a rational way?

Leave it to a liberal to view “The Hunger Games” as a metaphor for OWS and ObamaCare, rather than seeing it as a struggle for freedom and the evils of big government, which it more closely resembles.

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