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It’s been more than a year since MSNBC fired Keith Olbermann, but a recent check of the network’s online store shows that he may be gone, but he hasn’t been forgotten.

The store is currently selling two t-shirts, one emblazoned with “Worst Person In The World” and the other with “How Dare You Sir.” Both are on sale for just $11.97, marked down from their original $25 price tag when Olbermann was actually working at MSNBC.

While the t-shirts are not unusual, the other Olbermann item is. For the bargain basement price of $9.97 you can buy a talking bobble head doll with Olbermann sitting behind his anchor desk spouting off some of his most common quotes.

I can understand the need for MSNBC to try and profit off of Olbermann since they probably had to setttle financially with him when he was fired. But considering the acrimonious nature of his departure, I would have thought that they would have preferred to put the entire matter behind them and wipe the Olbermann era clean as quickly as possible.

Current TV has avoided this dilemma because they don’t have a store, not that they have enough viewers to support one.

MSNBC should probably just drop the items from their store and donate the t-shirts to charity — if they find one willing to accept them.

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