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MSNBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt said that the slow economic recovery under President Obama could be problematic for Hillary Clinton as she seeks the White House.

Hunt was reporting on Clinton’s speech on Tuesday in which she hammered GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s economic policy, saying that he would “rig the economy for Wall Street again,” if elected president.

But Hunt noted that Clinton faces some hurdles when it comes to the economy:

“The challenge, of course, that the economy under President Obama has been, for many Americans, slow to recover. Wages, of course, have not kept pace. Many people are working more than one job, and so she has to make a speech that essentially says I understand your frustration, but here’s how this is all going to play out. I think for a lot of voters, Donald Trump is actually an embodiment of their frustration, and I think that’s the difficult piece for her.

“We definitely saw the same Hillary Clinton who was in a groove attacking Donald Trump on national security today, but the ground was a little bit less solid.”

It wasn’t just a little bit less solid, as Hunt noted, but downright shaky since her economic policies would be a continuation and expansion of Obama’s. And we know how well they have worked.


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