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MSNBC, which has given more wall to wall coverage of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s events than any other cable news network, is giving Trump his own town hall tonight, which will directly compete with a multi-candidate GOP town hall being hosted by CNN.

The event, which airs at 8 p.m., will feature questions from South Carolina voters and will be moderated by Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. It will be preceded by an hour long interview of Ohio Gov. John Kasich—who had a strong second place finish in the New Hampshire primary last week—by Chris Matthews.

CNN’s town hall will feature Cruz, Rubio and Carson tonight, and Trump, Bush and Kasich tomorrow night.

While all six candidates will get primetime exposure, Trump has the distinct advantage, with his MSNBC appearance giving him an opportunity not being afforded to the other candidates.

The MSNBC town hall has raised a few eyebrows since both Brzezinski and Scarborough visited Trump’s hotel suite on the evening of the New Hampshire primary, forcing the network to release a statement on the matter.

That followed Trump’s comments earlier in the day when he described Brzezinski and Scarborough as “supporters,” to which Scarborough immediately replied that Trump was referring to them having seen the potential of his campaign, and not being political supporters.

They may not be political supporters, but it is clear that MSNBC has no problem pandering to Trump to grab some of the ratings gold that he brings.

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