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In an interview with Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, MSNBC president Phil Griffin praised Fox News for the “incredible” job they have done, though he thinks they are far more ideologically biased than his network.

Bercovici sat down with Griffin on the eve of the cable news network’s 15th anniversary.

When asked about Fox and its impact on MSNBC, Griffin had this response:

I think what they’ve done has been pretty incredible over the last 15 years. They saw an opening and grabbed it, the whole area of conservatives who felt disenfranchised, and they own it. I don’t agree with how they approach news, because I don’t always think they base it in fact, but I respect how they went out and got this huge audience. I think I’ve looked at them and recognized that you’ve got to find your space. I don’t think there’s equivalency between Fox and MSNBC, although I do think a lot of people are glad there is an MSNBC to take on the big, bad Fox. I don’t think we’re nearly as based in ideology the way they are, but we definitely have tried to find a space the way they found their space.

That’s probably as much praise as anyone at MSNBC will ever heap on Fox, even though Griffin thinks that the network doesn’t base their reports on fact and is more biased than MSNBC.

Viewers have voted hands down, however, whom they believe, as they have made Fox the undisputed number one cable news network since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, and have since then easily beaten MSNBC in the ratings on a regular basis.

No matter how hard Griffin and the liberals at MSNBC try, they are destined to be an also ran compared to Fox and that’s nothing to celebrate.

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