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In an interview with Michael Calderone in The Huffington Post, MSNBC president Phil Griffin said that the network’s viewpoints are progressive, and not simply pro-Obama.

This channel has never been the voice of Obama. Ever. People want to talk about Fox. Fox is the voice of the Republican Party.

That seems to fly in the face of a new study that was released this week by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, which showed that MSNBC reporting on Obama was overwhelming positive, and extremely negative about Romney, during the final week of the campaign.

If the network wasn’t the voice of Obama, then how does Griffin explain the fact that they didn’t report one single negative story about Obama in the last week of the election?

As for Fox News being the voice of the Republican Party, a charge first issued by the White House in 2009, the same Pew study showed that while the network favored Romney over Obama, it was by a smaller margin than MSNBC’s flag-waving for Obama. It showed that they weren’t afraid to criticize the GOP when they thought it was necessary or justified.

Even though Jay Leno was only joking on The Tonight Show that “the economy is so bad MSNBC had to lay off 300 Obama spokesmen,” his point was well taken as to just how far the network had gone in supporting the President.

Griffin can deny all he wants that MSNBC wasn’t in the tank for Obama during the election, but the facts tell a different story.

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