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MSNBC Panel Pans Clinton Rollout: Most “Contrived-Appearing Campaign Ever” [Video]

hillary clinton announcement video on msnbc [1]

Hillary Clinton wanted to learn from her mistakes in 2008 and conduct a different campaign this time around as she seeks the Democratic nomination for president. But she has stumbled in the early going and isn’t receiving the same type of love from the media that Barack Obama did in his two campaigns.

The latest evidence of this was on Sunday’s edition of  Up with Steve Kornacki on the uber-liberal MSNBC where a panel panned her campaign rollout this past week, labeling it as contrived even for a political campaign.

One of the chief critics was liberal Forbes contributor Rick Ungar, who told Kornacki that “All political campaigns are contrived. But the whole point of a good one is to contrive the campaign to not appear contrived. And I don’t think I’ve seen a more contrived-appearing campaign ever. It’s just been horrible.”

Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp said that there have been too many distractions—from chasing the “Scobby-Doo” van to her not tipping at Chipotle—so that the issues have gotten lost, making it a disastrous first week for her.

Kornacki said that he didn’t think it’s been that disastrous—but agreed that it did look contrived—though he wasn’t sure that Clinton was any worse off than a week ago.

It was both contrived and disastrous for the Democratic front-runner to have so many missteps, creating doubt in both the media and her own party as to whether or not she is capable and ready to run for the presidency.