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Last Friday evening at the  South Carolina Democratic Party’s annual dinner, party chairman Dick Harpootlian said he hoped that gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen would send Gov. Nikki Haley “back to wherever the hell she came from,” in an obvious reference to Haley’s Indian heritage.

screen shotHarpootlian, who has a reputation for shooting his mouth off—he accused Lindsey Graham of being ”light in the loafers” in 2002—defended his remarks by saying he was referring to the country Haley came from and not her Indian heritage.

That explanation didn’t sit too well with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, who said, “you don’t do that,” noting that Haley was raised in South Carolina, attended Clemson and that her parents were Sikh immigrants.

Brzezinski, before admitting that a liberal bias was protecting Harpootlian, also mentioned that this wasn’t the first time Harpootlian attacked Haley. Last year he said she was missing in action and “down in the bunker, a la Eva Braun.” Then came the acknowledgement:

Let me just say, fair enough, that if a Republican did this, we’d be covering it like crazy — so we’re covering it because it was wrong and those statements were absolutely wrong.

While Mark Halperin didn’t concede that there had been a liberal bias, both Willie Geist said Mike Barnicle agreed that if it had been the head of the South Carolina Republican Party making a similar remark about a Democrat, the reaction would have been very different, with Barnicle adding, “we would have led with it.”

For the rest of the liberal media, what Harpootlian said isn’t racist, because as we learned during the 2012 election, Democrats can’t be racist.

UPDATE: Harpootlian now says he meant Haley should return to her previous profession—she was an accountant at her parent’s clothing store.



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