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MSNBC, which rarely hesitates to quickly attack conservatives and Republicans when they run afoul of the law, has gone silent on the matter of the growing list of its hosts who have tax problems.

National Review reported yesterday that in addition to Al Sharpton, who reportedly owes the IRS over $4 million in back taxes and penalties, and Melissa Harris-Perry, whose $70,000 tax bill came to light last week, The Cycle co-host Toure owes the IRS more than $59,000, while former host and now MSNBC national correspondent Joy Reid’s New York tax bill is about $5,000.

Harris-Perry has said that she has paid about $21,000 of her tax bill, but there isn’t any word on whether or not the others have or are trying to do the same.

Besides being tax delinquents, the hosts are also hypocrites, as they all have said on more than one occasion that, in effect, taxes are good and that paying taxes helps spread the wealth around and reduces inequality.

The lack of a response by MSNBC troubled The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple:

And there’s even less of an excuse for MSNBC’s non-response to all this news. National Review fetched no response from the network. When the Erik Wemple Blog knocked today, the network again clammed up. A spokeswoman offered to go off-record with an explanation of things. We responded that we weren’t interested in spin that we couldn’t publish. Is it that hard for MSNBC to take a simple stand in favor of our common civic obligations?

Wemple is right. Instead of backing the law, they have chosen to say nothing, hoping the story fades away. But by doing so, they have only brought more scrutiny of the network.

The Washington Free Beacon put together a collection of the offending MSNBC hosts’ hypocrisy on taxes. It’s worth a look.





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