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MSNBC, which has become increasingly irrelevant in the last few years as its ratings have fallen, is hoping that tonight will be the beginning of a small turnaround with the airing of a new original documentary on GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.


On Tuesday, December 22nd at 7 pm ET, MSNBC will premiere an original documentary, “Citizen Trump with Chris Matthews.”

The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most significant events in American history. Will the voters elect the first woman into the Oval Office? Will the GOP withstand the polarizing effects of its current frontrunner?

This election season, Donald Trump has tapped into something that’s grabbed people’s attention. But what has led to this unprecedented moment?

Hosted by Chris Matthews, the documentary takes a look back at Donald Trump’s career and path to politics, chronicling the events that have led to his Presidential run. This is the first in a series of candidate profiles that will air on MSNBC.

Granted, MSNBC aired documentaries on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012, but that was only after it was clear that Romney would be the Republican nominee. That’s not the case this time. Even though Trump leads the national polls, he is trailing in Iowa and is not guaranteed to become the GOP standard bearer.

So why is MSNBC airing a documentary on Trump—a man they regularly pillory every night? One word—ratings.

Trump’s entry into the political arena has been a ratings boon for every network that has either aired one of the GOP primary debates or has had Trump appear on their network news shows.

For Trump, any publicity is good publicity, and he could care less if he appears on a liberal or conservative network as long as it keeps him in the public eye and boosts his poll numbers.

As for MSNBC’s claim that there will be more documentaries on the other candidates, I’ll believe it when I see what I’m sure will be a riveting documentary on George Pataki.

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