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According to Politico’s Mike Allen, MSNBC has hired Anne Thompson, the Democratic National Committee’s director of video production, to produce a new weekend political talk show.

Thompson, who was given a farewell party at the DNC that featured ice cream and adult refreshments, will become a segment producer for MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki,  which makes its debut on Saturday.

With the recent hiring of David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs by the network, the addition of Thompson makes it very clear that MSNBC is acting more like the communications arm of the DNC than a true cable news network.

Judge for yourself if Thompson met MSNBC’s criteria:

We’re looking for writers/researchers/producers, preferably but by no means necessarily with experience in TV news. If you have no experience in writing/producing TV news you need to have an extremely strong background in another relevant field, such as politics/political science or print/online journalism. We are looking for candidates who already have a strong sense of journalistic ethics and standards [Emphasis added] but are also capable of both creative thinking and of turning material around quickly under pressure. If you do not have experience in TV news, we’ll need to see strong evidence that you possess the qualities we’re looking for––so please send us links to videos you produced, stories you broke, analyses that made waves or other posts that might demonstrate your suitability for this job. We are looking for candidates who have broken news through their enterprise reporting and/or have moved the needle or changed the discourse in whatever field they were covering.

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