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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell agreed that Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech on Thursday at the Democratic National Convention could have easily been given by her vanquished opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Todd said that if the Democrats were hoping to convince Republicans to vote for Clinton, the speech’s progressive agenda was unlikely to do so:

“They believe they’re going to win this election by making this—because it’s anti-Trump, and that gives her the luxury of, I think, campaigning on a more progressive agenda because of Trump. That appears to be the calculation they made. I just—it’s not going to win over a lot of extra Republicans, put it that way, but I don’t know if that was the goal of the speech.”

Mitchell agreed with Todd, saying, “This is a speech Bernie Sanders could have given,” adding that Hillary spouted off a “litany of his economic policies.” She also called the speech “extremely progressive,” and that it was not going to win over Republicans or Independents.

With her call for free college tuition, taxing the wealthy and corporations more, etc., Clinton veered left in an attempt to mollify Sanders supporters who have resisted Democratic Party efforts to unify behind her to defeat Trump. But that effort is likely to fall on deaf ears, as many Sanders supporters are even more anti-Clinton after the WikiLeaks email dump just before their convention. The emails showed how the Democratic National Committee plotted to aid Clinton, confirming Sanders’ charge that the system was  rigged against him. Those supporters are more likely to vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, or even, in some cases, Donald Trump, which spells potential trouble for Clinton in November.

The Democratic National Convention seems to have given new energy to the liberal media, which had been very worried about Clinton’s campaign and her associated scandals. They gushed about the speeches and the positive and optimistic outlook that was on display, compared to what they say was the doom and gloom of the Republican National Convention the week before.


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