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MSNBC correspondent Cal Perry praised a teenager protesting President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom on Friday, calling her “very courageous” for taking part in the protest.

The 13-year old girl was one of the thousands of protesters marching in London to express their opposition to Trump, who is unpopular in Britain except amount the pro-Brexit supporters.  While most of the protesters’ signs mentioned Trump, there was a scattering of others including “Free Palestine” and “Black Lives Matter” creating a broader message than just anti-Trump.

Perry struggled to find anyone to talk to and the young teenager carry a #DumpTrump sign was the only person he was able to corral during his brief report.

“Why are you out marching today?” he asked.

“Because Trump doesn’t deserve to be here,” she said

“Very good,” Perry said.

“How old are you?,” Perry asked.

“Thirteen,” she replied.

“You’re a very courageous girl for doing this. Thank you so much,” Perry said.

Perry wrapped up his report saying it felt like the beginning of the Women’s March in the U.S. with the mood being “jovial” and the police staying out of the way at the moment.

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