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MSNBC and Obama Campaign Want to Move Forward [Video]

In 2008 Barack Obama campaigned on “Hope and Change,” and won the presidency. Today, with millions of Americans still unemployed and economic growth slowing down, voters may be looking for hope and change but with a different president.

With that in mind, the Obama campaign today released a new video, complete with a new slogan: “Forward.”

This probably makes the executives at MSNBC happy, as the new slogan very closely resembles the network’s own “Lean Forward” slogan that they unveiled in 2010, sans Al Sharpton reminiscing about blueberry pie.

But unlike MSNBC’s campaign, which was done in thirty-second sound bites, the Obama campaign spent seven-plus minutes outlining the problems Obama faced when he took office and what he has supposedly accomplished to date.

Some of the bigger legislative accomplishments they take credit for are the stimulus act, a colossal waste of $787 billion of taxpayer money; credit card reform, which has led to higher banking fees; and Obamacare, whose constitutionality is being debated by the U.S. Supreme Court.

While the Obama campaign didn’t directly copy their slogan from MSNBC, it probably served as the inspiration for the campaign. After all, it is clear that an overwhelming majority, if not all, of the network’s anchor’s are supporting the President’s reelection.

The RNC summed it up best when they tweeted:

“Under Obama’s budget, Americans can look #FORWARD [1] to a projected debt of $25.9 trillion by 2022.”

Enough said.